Laser Cutting Services

Laser cutting allows great flexibility, accuracy and top quality. It can cut very complex shapes, designs and templates.

SGM’s network offers laser cutting that can cut a number of materials. These include carbon steel, stainless steel, high-strength steels as well as non-ferrous materials like aluminium, brass and copper up to 12mm thickness.

CNC Cutting Solutions

SHAKAR GANJ METALS introducing precision metal work using the latest CNC Plasma cutting and Laser machines for MILD STEEL, STAINLESS STEEL, ALUMINIUM and BRASS. We have latest equipment to get the job done in STYLE with ECONOMY. This equipment can be used with OXY Fuel and other power sources.

SHAKAR GANJ is engaged in Cutting and Welding business for nearly 35 years. Focuses on providing the world with innovative and affordable portable CNC solutions. Our product line includes a verity of portable CNC cutting machines.


Shakar Ganj Metals technical team is trained to meet customer’s demands and assist them in every possible way. They have the highest product knowledge and are available to provide professional customer service support to our CNC CUTTING EQUIPMENT clients.

Sheet Roll Forming

We are equipped with a wide range of quality products to suit all needs, including box profile sheets, corrugated sheets, tile effect sheets, anti-condensation sheets, flat sheets, Z - Purlins, C – Section purlins, Industrial guttering and all fixings and flashings to match.

These products are suitable for many applications, from industrial buildings to domestic use for warehouses and workshops.

When ordering from HF Roll Forming you can be assured of quality services and products at extremely competitive market prices, excellent after sales and reliable delivery services throughout the country.

Roll Slitting

Coil Slitting services available at Shakar Ganj Metals from 0.5mm up to 8mm.

Cable Trays

Cable Trays are one of the most main products at SGM. Perforated Cable Trays and Cable Ladders in various thicknesses and finishes are all available and are designed according to client’s and consultant’s demand and requirements.

All standard connectors and accessories are also available featuring industry requirements needed for mounting and erection. Our final product is of very high quality and durability which have rates that are affordable and are best efficient in customer projects.


Apart from being involved in the business of steel and related products we are also very well equipped in the consultancy sector where we provide professional advices for customers regarding METALLURGY and MECHANICAL issues for their projects and equipments.We at Shakar Ganj Metals due to our experience in the steel market and team of skillful engineers who have had great interaction and knowledge regarding mechanical engineering associated to steel and other fabrications will clearly prove why the final products here at Shakar Ganj Metals are of higher quality and durability compared to other firms that deal in the steel fabrication sector.

Other Fabricaiton

SGM also caters different industries by providing steel fabrication services through latest engineering equipment and qualified work force. We supply metal door frames and panels, fabrication of heavy welded pipes and related products, MS and SS Sheet shearing, bending and rolling on customer demand.